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Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment

  • Complimentary* Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment performed by the Crystallize Analytics team by connecting into your system
  • No cost* and very little involvement from your team other than reviewing the working papers and reports generated by the software
  • Our team will run our Automated Audit Software to identify potential accounting and transaction exceptions in your environment by using your own data so that you may:
    • Improve processes
    • Get more value from your ERP
    • Identify data anomalies that can be fixed prior to your financial audit teams’ analysis
  • When readiness assessment is complete you will receive a free trial* of our Automated Audit Software and training for your team to explore this important step to preparing your team for adding automation to your environment
  • Together with your team, the Crystallize Analytics team will review your reports and help you address audit exceptions
  • Total duration for the readiness assessment and the trial license will be 6 months

Contact Us for more information and to schedule your assessment.

*Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment and trial offer is free to select qualifying customers for a limited time only