Introducing Automated Audit®

Get better audit results, save money, and release your financial team from audit preparation.

Is your audit team bogged down by unwieldy spreadsheets which lack drill-down data, and obfuscate problem areas? Struggling with ever growing data volume and complexity, and concerned with the risks of manual sampling? Constrained by the limited availability of experienced auditors, and challenged with getting newer team members up to par quickly?

If any of the above sounds familiar then your organization may be ready to incorporate analytical tools into your internal audit plan. Discover how Automated Audit® can alleviate these problems and provide your team with the tools and confidence they need to succeed.

Automated Audit Software helps your team by providing complete and accurate data, unparalleled visibility, and consistent audit process and workflows across the organization.

Extract and Assemble ERP Data

Stop relying on IT for data requests, cleaning, formatting or analyzing flat files. Automated Audit connects directly to the database and makes it easy for auditors to manage large amounts of data.

Present Findings

Automated Audit presents data visually so that auditors can easily see differences and anomalies. Our signature Data Facets incorporate logic to identify items or transactions of concern using our auto-disposition feature. Auditors can then review the data and determine compliance either entry by entry, in bulk with our mass disposition tool, or via Excel depending on the auditors’ preferences.

Generate Documentation

Working papers, lead schedules, and audit reports are automatically generated by the software to document the auditors’ findings.

Integrated Workflows

Automated Audit makes it easy to assign roles to your team, and seamlessly follow workflows that ensures audit standards are maintained and enforce that an auditor is not reviewing their own work.

View Your Audit Data From Every Angle

A Data Facet™ is our term for an automated validation activity within the Automated Audit® Software that can detect material misstatement or fraud at the assertion level. The different assertions of balances are: existence, rights and obligations, validity, and completeness.

Automated Audit covers an expanse of Data Facets. Preview a handful of our most popular Data Facets below, or reach out to us for a full list of Data Facets included with Automated Audit.

Audit large data sets with ease.

Auditing large data is difficult and generally must be done by sampling. Unfortunately, sampling carries inherent risks; The “bad” data can be in a section that wasn’t sampled, or a larger trend was missed because the sample wasn’t representative of the full data set.

With a direct connection to the ERP database, Automated Audit® software allows for analysis of the complete data set, not just a sample size. The software handles more volume, more frequently than can be done manually, resulting in more comprehensive coverage, and no unpleasant surprises during your external audit.

Utilize Automated Audit software to encourage continuous improvement of your control environment, and be confident in the level of assurance you are providing to stakeholders.

Automation Software for your Audit Plan.

Take charge of this year’s audit plan by incorporating automation into your organizations internal audits and experience the impact of robotic process automation firsthand.

Streamline tedious manual tasks to save time and money and let your skilled professionals focus on areas of compliance and analysis that best serve the business’s forward momentum.

Learn about our Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment, offered by the Crystallize Analytics® team, for a one-on-one session to review how your organization may benefit from automation.

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    Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment

    • Complimentary* Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment performed by the Crystallize Analytics team by connecting into your system
    • No cost* and very little involvement from your team other than reviewing the working papers and reports generated by the software
    • Our team will run our Automated Audit Software to identify potential accounting and transaction exceptions in your environment by using your own data so that you may:
      • Improve processes
      • Get more value from your ERP
      • Identify data anomalies that can be fixed prior to your financial audit teams’ analysis
    • When readiness assessment is complete you will receive a free trial* of our Automated Audit Software and training for your team to explore this important step to preparing your team for adding automation to your environment
    • Together with your team, the Crystallize Analytics team will review your reports and help you address audit exceptions
    • Total duration for the readiness assessment and the trial license will be 6 months

    Contact Us for more information and to schedule your assessment.

    *Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment and trial offer is free to select qualifying customers for a limited time only