Ready To Automate Your Internal Audit?

If any of the below sounds familiar then your organization may be ready to incorporate analytical tools such as Automated Audit® into your internal audit plan. Learn about our Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment with the Crystallize Analytics® team for a one-on-one session to review how your organization may benefit from automation.

  Sampling Shortcomings
When auditing large datasets, in the past, financial auditors have had no choice but to utilize sampling and to manually load large data sets. However, sampling poses the inherit risk that a compliance issue or anomaly is in the unchecked data, as well as introducing the possibility of manual data handling errors and time wasted reloading and fixing the extract files. Automated Audit software connects directly to the database to analyze full datasets with the push of a button, eliminating sampling risks entirely and providing a more comprehensive view of the financial status of the business without manual extract and load steps.

  More More More Data
As an organization grows so does the data quantity and complexity, resulting in more to audit each year. Automated Audit can increase the volume and frequency of data that is audited to keep up with increasing demands.


  Reactive vs. Proactive
Instead of waiting for problems to arise, Automated Audit provides internal financial audit teams with the ability to proactively monitor financials, encouraging continuous improvement and dramatically improving the control environment, preparing your organization for future audit success.

 Procedural Problems
Keeping track of who is responsible for what, when, and documenting everything along the way, can be tedious and burdensome. Automated Audit enforces workflows for teams of any size, ensuring no auditor is ever reviewing their own work and maintaining audit standards. Additionally, with built-in report generation, auditors can quickly pull lead schedules and audit reports.

   Limited Resources
Experienced auditors need to wear many hats with many constraints on availability and time. Let Automated Audit handle the routine tasks, and free up your team to work on the fun stuff, including finding the root cause of compliance problems, identifying potential data anomalies and fraudulent activity, and complex analytics.

Our team of specialists will...
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      Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment

      • Complimentary* Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment performed by the Crystallize Analytics team by connecting into your system
      • No cost* and very little involvement from your team other than reviewing the working papers and reports generated by the software
      • Our team will run our Automated Audit Software to identify potential accounting and transaction exceptions in your environment by using your own data so that you may:
        • Improve processes
        • Get more value from your ERP
        • Identify data anomalies that can be fixed prior to your financial audit teams’ analysis
      • When readiness assessment is complete you will receive a free trial* of our Automated Audit Software and training for your team to explore this important step to preparing your team for adding automation to your environment
      • Together with your team, the Crystallize Analytics team will review your reports and help you address audit exceptions
      • Total duration for the readiness assessment and the trial license will be 6 months

      Contact Us for more information and to schedule your assessment.

      *Robotic Audit Readiness Assessment and trial offer is free to select qualifying customers for a limited time only