Introducing the C Collection®

Reduce costs and improve data quality for Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS) users.

Analytics software that will provide ongoing fraud detection, cost recovery, operational improvement, and financial auditing of EBS data.

Identify Problem Areas

Increase Data Accuracy

Provide Transparency

The C Collection is a new line of analytics software

that will provide the ability for ongoing cleansing, validation, de-duplication and continuous auditing of EBS data. These analytics will identify problem areas, increase the accuracy of the underlying data, provide data transparency, and allow EBS users to reduce costs, leverage opportunities across the enterprise, and increase the confidence level of the users in their data, processes, and operations. 

Use the C Collection to identify potential areas for further analysis:

Potential irregular or fraudulent activity

Cost recovery opportunities

Potential “bad” data

Potential reconciliation issues

Exceptions to standard operations

The C Collection is made up of four core analytic bundles.

Each of these bundles facilitates different quality and performance management initiatives and will have between 20 and 40 analytics.

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