Crystallize Analytics®

The recognized industry leader in ERP transformation software, eprentise again focuses on getting value from your existing EBS implementations. eprentise is proud to introduce our new sister company called Crystallize Analytics. Crystallize Analytics Software Products delivers intelligence about your business processes and about your data to streamline your internal and external operations, crystallize your understanding of your business, and to help you prioritize how your company manages and reports its financial assets. Crystallize Analytics’ intelligent software can assist your internal teams to identify potential inconsistent or fraudulent activity, new opportunities for saving money or discover data anomalies,  prepare for an audit, and streamline your business processes across the organization.

The power of analytics in your business can optimize your business performance. Crystallize Analytics provides insights into your ERP data to help you work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you are looking at costing or discount practices in your supply chain, operational efficiencies to cut costs or to show wasteful or inefficient processes, or identify potential audit exceptions, the Crystallize Analytics products use business insight, data intelligence, actionable information, and intelligent dashboards to allow you to collect and analyze your data, compare data across your organizations, view performance trends, and benchmark data with your industry peers.

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eprentise, established in 2007, provides transformation software products that allow companies to make their Oracle E-Business Suite systems agile enough to support changing business requirements, avoid a reimplementation and lower the total cost of ownership of ERP while also enabling real-time access to complete, consistent and correct data across the enterprise. 

eprentise software accelerates business change by providing the ability to change any data structures or configuration in order to align with new business initiatives. FlexField allows companies to change and model their Chart of Accounts in EBS as often as they change their business. The eprentise suite of solutions enables EBS users to consolidate multiple production EBS instances, to separate a carved-out portion of the business an instance, and to re-organize the business’ organizational or legal structure (currency change, calendar change, costing method change, and merge/split/move ledgers, legal entities, operating units, or inventory organizations)

eprentise software products transform an organization’s data into a strategic asset that supports shared information, consistency, and transparency across the enterprise. We believe that quality enterprise data, rather than being a costly impediment to business change initiatives, should be the catalyst of that change. eprentise software offers pioneering products that have the capacity to make that happen.