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C Collection Definition of Terms


A set or grouping of analytics reports to identify data for a particular purpose (e.g., Cost Recovery, Cash Management, Data Quality, Profit Improvement or Best Practices)

  • Each Bundle will have ~20 – 40 analytics


A connection to an EBS database to a particular Bundle from a specific computer

Usage Units:

A 24-hour period determined by the DB server time

  • A user can login/logout multiple times during the day
  • Standard Usage Units do not roll over to the next month
  • Benefit is that customer can scale users at critical times without having to purchase additional licenses
  • Any Time Units (ATUs) can be purchased and used at any time with a valid license and expire after a year


The number of Usage Units (similar to the number of minutes in a telephone plan or the number of GB in a data plan) per month for a particular Bundle

  • Customers can purchase different Packages
  • A Package may only be used on a single instance
  • Packages contain 40 Usage Units
  • Purchase of a Package requires a six-month minimum commitment