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Crystallize Analytics

The recognized industry leader in ERP transformation software, eprentise again focuses on getting value from your existing implementations. eprentise is proud to introduce our new lines of products called Crystallize Analytics. Crystallize Analytics delivers intelligence about your processes and about your data to streamline your internal and external operations and crystallize your understanding of your business and to help you prioritize how your company manages and reports its financial assets. Crystallize Analytics can assist your internal teams to identify new opportunities, view potential efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and potential inconsistent or fraudulent activity, and standardize your business processes across the organization.

The power of analytics in your business can improve your business performance. Crystallize Analytics provides insights into your ERP data to help you work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you are looking at process improvements in your supply chain, operational efficiencies to cut costs or to show wasteful or inefficient processes, or minimizing risks to improve data management and create detailed audit trails, the Crystallize Analytics products use real-time insight, artificial intelligence, actionable information, and intelligent dashboards to allow you to collect and analyze your data, compare data across your organizations, and benchmark data with your industry peers.