About the C Collection

  • Q: What is the C Collection?
  • A: The C Collection is a new line of analytics software that will provide the ability for fraud detection, cost recovery, operational improvement, and financial auditing of EBS data. These analytics will identify problem areas, increase the accuracy of the underlying data, provide data transparency, and allow EBS users to reduce costs, leverage opportunities across the enterprise, and increase the confidence level of the users in their data, processes, and operations. The C Collection leverages decades of Oracle knowledge garnered from hundreds of EBS transformations.

  • Q: On what ERP systems does the C Collection work?
  • A: Currently, the C Collection is available for the Oracle® E-Business Suite platform.

  • Q: What version of Oracle® E-Business Suite does the C Collection support?
  • A: The C Collection will work on any currently supported version of EBS.

  • Q: Does Crystallize Analytics take a percentage of the costs recovered when using the Cost Recovery bundle?
  • A: No, there is no percentage of costs recovered or any additional fees.


  • Q: What analytic bundles are currently available?
  • A: The current set of analytics available is the Cost Recovery bundle, which enables business users to easily sift through potential opportunities to recoup funds. Additional bundles under development will focus on Operations and Profit Management, Data Quality, and Cash Management, among others in the future.

  • Q:How many analytics are available within the Cost Recovery bundle?
  • A: The Cost Recovery bundle is pre-loaded with 31 analytics, along with a customizable search tool for identifying suspicious suppliers, customers, invoices, checks, and sales order data.

  • Q: What is meant by Cost Recovery? Will these analytics identify recoverable funds?
  • A: The C Collection Cost Recovery Analytics will identify transactions, master data, or other data that may indicate areas where costs cost be recovered. For example, the Identify Duplicate Payments analytic will, based on the parameters selected, identify payments that have indicators of duplication. Then these identified payments will need to be followed up on to determine if any are in fact duplicate payments that can be recovered by refund or credits from a vendor.

Using the C Collection

  • Q: Can I reformat or print reports?
  • A: The results of any analytic can be exported to Excel for reporting or sharing results.

  • Q: Will this software allow a user to look at information for any operating unit or will it be limited 
    to only what a user has permission for within EBS?
  • A: Users access permissions are set and controlled by the C Collection Admin user who can grant and revoke access at the analytic, Operating Unit, and Inventory Org level.

  • Q: Will use of the analytics require advanced configuration?
  • A: The C Collection analytics may be run out of the box by a business user without advanced configuration but will also allow more advanced configuration for a user to create their own analytics.

  • Q: Can analytic results be shared among multiple users?
  • A: The analytic results will be segmented by user unless configured in the same group. If you wish to share the analytic results with other users, any results may be exported to Excel and then forwarded or converted to PDF and forwarded.

  • Q: Can the analytics be scheduled to run at less busy times (overnight)?
  • A: Not in the current release.

  • Q: Can the analytics be set to run periodically on an automated basis?
  • A: Not in the current release

  • Q: Can the C Collection analytics identify fraudulent transactions?
  • A: No analytic can determine if a transaction is fraudulent. What the C Collection analytics will do is identify transactions or data anomalies that indicate that there is greater risk of an irregularity having occurred.

  • Q: If I exit the program while an analytic is running, will it continue to completion?
  • A: Yes. A running analytic will not be terminated by exiting the desktop program.

  • Q: Can I introduce data in the form of flat files from other systems for use in analysis?
  • A: Data used is limited to that available within the EBS system.

  • Q: If we do not use HR, are the analytics that identify employee related transactions still usable? 
    What reports are available from the software?
  • A: Many of the employee related analytics require information from HR related tables and will not work for a customer that does not use Oracle HR.


  • Q: Who is eligible for the trial?
  • A: Complimentary trial periods are available for new customers only and are not offered for any current or past users, even if they don’t have an active subscription.

  • Q: Can I cancel my subscription during the trial period?
  • A: You can cancel at any time during the trial period and won’t be charged. A subscription can be cancelled either by emailing licenses@crystallizeanalytics.com or through the website. Notice must be provided before the end of the trial period to take effect.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t cancel my subscription during the trial period?
  • A: If you a subscription is not cancelled before the trial period is over, the subscription will automatically be charged for a six-month license. Payment will be obtained automatically, and a license will be automatically generated. Once payment has been received and the license key has been sent, it is not possible to cancel the current license. The subscription can be cancelled at any time to prevent it from auto-renewing for an additional six months upon the end of the original subscription.

Subscription Length Options

  • Q: How long is a standard subscription?
  • A: Six (6) months

  • Q: How long does the license renew for?
  • A: Six (6) months

  • Q: Can I extend my license past the six (6) month period?
  • A: Yes, the license will automatically renew for 6 months unless cancelled. You can also extend the length of your license through the License Addons section found under My Account.

Usage Units

  • Q: What is a usage unit?
  • A: A usage unit is a period of usage determined by the DB server during which time analytics can be run. A user consumes a usage unit and can login/logout multiple times during the day under the unit until midnight server time.

  • Q: Do usage units rollover?
  • A: Standard usage units do not roll over from month to month. Any time units (ATUs) can be purchased and used at any time with a valid license and expire after a year.

  • Q: What is the difference between Any time units (ATUs) and Standard Usage Units?
  • A: Standard Usage Units do not roll over from month to month if they have not been used, while ATUs can be used at any point when a license is active and within a year of purchase as long as a subscription is active.

Package Options

  • Q: What is a package?
  • A: A package is made up of 40 usage units.

  • Q: What is the minimum purchase to use the C Collection?
  • A: Three (3)-package a month subscription for six (6) months.

  • Q: Can packages be purchased individually?
  • A: Yes, ATU packages can be purchased individually through the License Addon store under My Account, provided an active subscription is being used. 

  • Q: Can individual units be purchased?
  • A: No, units must be purchased as a subscription or in quantities of 40 as a supplemental ATU package.

  • Q: Can Standard usage units be purchased as a package?
  • A: No, Standard usage units can only be purchased as a subscription. However, ATU packages can be purchased as a standalone package through the License Addon store under My Account with an active subscription.

Modifications & Cancellations

  • Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
  • A: A subscription can be cancelled either through the My Account section of the website or by emailing licenses@crystallizeanalytics.com. Notice must be provided 10 days before the renewal date to take effect.

  • Q: I would like to modify my subscription. Can I do this now, or do I need to wait till the renewal date?
  • A: Additional packages can be added at any time, either as a supplemental ATU package or by increasing the number of packages that are available month to month with the subscription. It is also possible to preemptively modify the subscription so the licensing changes take effect at the expiration of the current license.

  • Q: Can I cancel my license at any time?
  • A: Once payment has been received and the license key has been sent, it is not possible to cancel the current license. The subscription can be cancelled at any time to prevent it from auto-renewing for an additional six months upon the end of the original subscription.
  • A: Licensing changes take effect at the expiration of the current license.